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Skating Links

http://www.fourinarow.com.au Fourinarow Magazine online worth having a look

http://skate4life.itgo.com Probably the lamest skate page on the internet

http://mp3andskate.8m.com Michaels Skate site

http://www.asaskate.com/ The Aggressive Skaters Association

http://www.videogroove.com/ The videogroove site creators of some of the best skating videos

http://www.manlyblades.com.au/ Manly Blades the NSW not so rip off merchant

Villanova Inline Skating Villanova College Skaters some cool pics and stuff

http://www.woodward.com - Woodward the skaters heaven (the largest skate park in the world)

http://www.iconnect.net.au/~bcarr/brett.html A cool skatepage


Non Skating Links

http://www.graffiti.org Art Crimes as mark would say a really cool graffiti page

http://www.oneeightthree.com A cool graffiti page

http://www.mp3.com Mp3 songs players plug ins etc.

http://www.audiofind.com Find any song on the net very useful

http://www.hotmail.com Free E-mail

http://www.yahoo.com The best search engine Catagorises things


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